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  • Libertarian to Conservative (No Socialists / Communists)
  • Complete a 15-30 minute call w/ us

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  • Consulting client


Land Development / Ranches / Mini-farms / Rural homes and land / Vacant land





Our in-depth consulting service involves both phone calls, emails and on-site property inspections and evaluations.

Our process is fairly simple and straight forward involving the exchange of information during an initial call or online meeting. During this first meeting we discuss in detail your current situation, goals, financial review and a basic relocation project outline to ascertain if we can be of help to you and your family.


Our client centered consulting services cover many in-depth topics such as;


  • Personal considerations and criteria

  • Considerations for family members

  • State and County / micro-locale choice

  • Vacant land or homestead w/ acreage

  • Home style and specific criteria

  • Outbuildings and related infrastructure

  • Sustainable living attributes and upgrades

  • On/Off grid power integration (Hydro, Solar, Generator)

  • Permaculture – land planning & use

  • Water rights – application to use management 

  • Tactical / self-defense considerations

  • Client specific confidential requests



Simple. We work in conjunction with the client to review hundreds of properties choosing only approved properties to conduct on-site physical inspections and evaluations. For out-of-area clients this ‘boots on the ground’ aspect is key to a successful selection process. The goal is to have the client arrive to view up to five exceptional pre-approved rural properties worthy of making on offer to purchase. Only the best will do for our clients.



These four attributes will be the key to success!





Is your family really safe at home?

Flee the City has partnered with Secure Life Homes allowing our clients to have access to an architect that understands sustainable homes design with integrated ballistic and defensive capabilities. Your guests that come to your new rural property will never see your confidential assets. OPSEC matters!

Thanks to research and advancement in building science, today we can design and build homes that are not only proven to resist natural hazards, but that can also resist human actions and events including unwarranted forced entry, ballistics, blast events, intentional fires, even chemical, biological and nuclear threat events. We have proven technology which has been made affordable by our teams own innovation and new products we have successfully used. 

All of our home designs are design/engineered from ballistic rated ICF (insulated concrete forms) from 4 to 18 inches in thickness and ballistic rated windows based upon the clients threat level. They can be integrated into any structure design from tiny cabins to large custom homes and bunkers.

We recognize competence and expertise in total home security planning should be performed as a team. Based upon the clients’ budget we prefer to bring in highly qualified and experienced security professionals, many of whom are former seasoned elite special operations war fighters. Our architect’s military background allows them to communicate and coordinate with these types of professionals in a mutually understandable terminology to successfully help our clients even when their security needs are very demanding in nature.

Often the overall solution to security planning requires owners are trained in how to respond to a human threat event. This takes discernment training and conditioned reactions along with competent use of quality gear. We have professionals who can assist our clients with these core skills. Even for clients with zero desire or ability due to health or age, to take action against another person, we can help them understand how to prepare for a suitable passive defense thru hardened architectural designs.


Your home is your castle, we will help you build your dream!


History has been very unkind to refugees!



About US

FLEE THE CITY is a consolidation of several firms into one streamlined operation.

Black Rifle Real Estate, American Redoubt, Strategic Relocation, & Survival Retreat Consulting are now Flee the City.

We have also teamed up with Secure Life Homes to offer industry leading architectural design, engineering and construction management services to our elite clients.

We hope that you appreciate our new focus!

Flee the City Sustainable Community

This community will be designed for both full-time living and for those that seek to acquire a fully integrated ‘bug-out’ location surrounded by world class hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation.  We will begin taking advanced lot reservations once the plat has been approved in  the fall of 2022 with final plat and construction in spring of 2023.

Join the interest list for the proposed Flee the City Sustainable Community.


Flee the City

PO Box 1375

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Mon - Fri: 1000 - 2100

​​Saturday: 1300 - 1800

​Sunday: Upon Request


Flee the City

PO Box 1375

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Mon - Fri: 1000 - 2100

​​Saturday: 1300 - 1800

​Sunday: Upon Request