Majestic Meadows Prepper Community encompasses a total of EIGHT PARCELS totaling 185.73 acres surrounded entirely by USFS land in northwest Montana bordering the Yaak Wilderness.

Prices for LOTS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 are NOW $275,000 each! 

LOTS 5 and 6 and Parcel ‘A’ are PENDING!

Join a community that is committed to long term self reliance and defense!


Over 4,200 feet of year-round creek and several large springs meander the woods outside the meadows bringing enchantment to the serene landscape. Currently surveyed into 8 parcels ranging from 20 acres to 32 acres each, the Prepper Community offers the ultimate in regional location protection and ease of access to small mountain towns for services.

In total, Majestic Meadows consists of approximately 90 acres of flat to very gently sloping terrain (40 feet elevation change over 3000 feet), a 2.5-acre rock quarry (for internal access roads), 7.5-acre wooded bluff rising over and providing an expansive view of the entire property and 62.5 acres of heavily wooded land with Pine creek and various springs.

The property offers both privacy/seclusion with access only after crossing a bridge over a 487 foot canyon! Then, easy access off a paved county-maintained school bus route. The road continues past the property on a USFS dirt/gravel road that although wraps back into Idaho, is not maintained year-round, thus providing for a near dead-end road experience with little traffic except residents of a few parcels beyond and seasonal traffic.

Ready to build your sustainable homestead? ZERO restrictions allowing you to hunt, shoot, grow your own food, and live free from the confines of the sanctuary cities!

Majestic Meadows is home to abundant wildlife such as deer, bear, mountain lion, elk herds that graze on the property, birds of prey and other small game. Both the conservationist and hunter will find the undisturbed land a true gateway to Mother Nature. In addition, the property is located well within grizzly bear habitat, maybe you’ll see a glimpse on an autumn afternoon!

Each parcel has access to 400 amp grid power (you can do any type of alternative backup), STARLINK INTERNET / CELL, standard phone line, paved county road and some type of secondary water (spring, creek). Well depths in the region are from 40 feet to 200 feet with gallons per minute from 25 to 200!

For more information simply give us a call at 406-241-1795 and we will send over detailed information to qualified buyers!

Prices for LOTS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 are NOW $275,000 each! 

LOTS 5 and 6 and Parcel ‘A’ are PENDING!



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Strategic Relocation®

On-Site Property Scouting

Water. Energy. Food. Defense.


Secure Life Homes

Bunkers – Safe Rooms

Custom Design & Engineering


  • Desire to live free anywhere in rural America
  • Complete a 15-30 minute call w/ us

  • Ready to purchase in 90-120 days

  • Financially qualified


Our client base is made up of folks from all walks of life. The common bond between us is a deep respect and reverence for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, ultimately providing for a common defense from tyranny.

We believe that owning a rural property and living your best life creates a better, more sustainable community for all. Like-minded neighbors help each other both in prosperous and chaotic times. Go meet folks and enjoy the small town atmosphere at local farmers markets, barter fairs, community gatherings or just walking down the sidewalk enjoying the days of old. Turn back time to an era that awaits your flight to freedom.  

Owning rural property anywhere in the United States gives you the freedom to be you. Break free of the confines of the sanctuary cities and choose abundance. Experience the ways of our founding fathers while building a legacy for your family for generations.

Flee the City® is here to lead your Strategic Relocation® to rural America!

Move to Freedom!


Land Development / Ranches / Mini-farms / Rural homes and land / Vacant land


While the decision to Flee the City® may come easy, as it does for most clients, there are many facets of a Strategic Relocation®. We took our own personal experience from a move out of the San Francisco Bay Area many years ago and created a real estate firm that does more than just sell property. We take a specialized approach in consulting our clients based upon specific criteria to formulate a collaborative road map to ensure your success.

Our process is fairly simple and straight forward involving the exchange of information during an initial call or online meeting. During this first meeting we discuss in detail your current situation, goals, financial review and a basic strategic relocation project outline to ascertain if we can be of help to you and your family.


Our client centered consulting services cover many in-depth topics such as;

  • Personal considerations and criteria

  • Considerations for family members

  • State and County / micro-locale choice

  • Vacant land or homestead w/ acreage

  • Home style and specific criteria

  • Outbuildings and related infrastructure

  • Sustainable living attributes and upgrades

  • On/Off grid power integration (Hydro, Solar, Generator)

  • Permaculture – land planning & use

  • Water rights – application to use management 

  • Tactical / self-defense considerations

  • Client specific confidential requests



Our in-depth consulting service involves both phone calls, emails and when ready, on-site property inspections and evaluations. We work in conjunction with the client to review hundreds of properties choosing only approved properties to conduct on-site physical inspections and evaluations. For out-of-area clients this ‘boots on the ground’ aspect is key to a successful selection process. The goal is to have the client arrive to view up to five exceptional pre-approved rural properties worthy of making an offer to purchase. Only the best will do for our clients.



These four attributes will be the key to success!


Seeking Advanced Safeguards for your Family?


Flee the City® has partnered with Secure Life Homes allowing our clients to have access to an architect that understands sustainable homes design with integrated ballistic and defensive capabilities. Your guests that come to your new rural property will never see your confidential assets.

Thanks to research and advancement in building science, today we can design and build short to long term survival bunkers, asset storage rooms and homes  proven to resist natural hazards, human actions and events. Protect against unwarranted forced entry, ballistic attacks, blast events, intentional fires, even chemical, biological, EMP and nuclear threat events. We have proven technology which has been made affordable by our teams own innovation and new products we have successfully used. 

Secure Home designs are design/engineered from ICF (insulated concrete forms) from 4 to 18 inches in thickness and ballistic rated windows based upon the clients threat level. They can be integrated into any structure design from tiny cabins to large custom homes and bunkers. Your home is your castle, we will help you build your dream!

History has been very unkind to refugees. Prepare a place of refuge for your family and never allow them to become refugees!


FLEE THE CITY® is a consolidation of several real estate and consulting firms into one streamlined operation.

We have also teamed up with Secure Life Homes to offer industry leading architectural design, engineering and construction management services to our elite clients.

We hope that you appreciate our new focus on rural real estate all over the continental United States!