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There is freedom in the land!

FLEE THE CITY in a licensed Real Estate brokerage offering FULL SERVICE to BUYERS and SELLERS!

Sustainable Relocation

Smell the peace in the air. Grasp the rich soil in your hands. Feel the warmth of the sun. The choice is clear. Move to rural America and cultivate your new found freedom.

Step 1. Free Consulting

Overwhelmed and seeking knowledge? Our expert consulting services will help you create an action plan for your sustainable relocation to rural America.

Step 2: Real Estate Services

Flee the City brokers and agents can scout and help you negotiate the purchase of your new rural homestead.
Freedom awaits!

Step 3: Land Investments

Bring prosperity to your family for generations to come. We can help you secure, develop, market and sell larger tracks of rural land.

Ready to flee the city?

With the current crises in America we are experiencing overwhelming demand for our Flee the City™ consulting and real estate services. In such, we simply ask that prospective clients meet the following criteria;
1. Be ready, willing and financially able to complete your sustainable relocation within 6 months or less. 
 2. Affirm that you believe in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights for all people. 

For any more questions contact us today at 406-241-1795 or info@fleethecity.com